Warning Labels and Tobacco

Article 11 of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (WHO FCTC) requires Parties to the Convention to implement large, rotating health warnings on all tobacco product packaging and labeling.

World Health Organization on Labels and tobacco

Tobacco Labeling Resource

International Tobacco Label Website

Tobacco labels website was created by Dr. David Hammond, Associate Professor in the Dept. of Health Studies and Gerontology at the University of Waterloo, to help promote effective, evidence-based packaging and labelling policies in support of Article 11 of the FCTC. The website was developed with the support of the Framework Convention Alliance and the International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease

Tobacco Latin America

Tobacco Latin America, created by Dr. Ernesto Serbie collects cigarette packaging and Warning Labels from Latin American and the Caribbean countries, as well as other tobacco control research such as policy reports, industry documents and advertisements.

Warning Labels

This report was prepared for the May 2009 World No Tobacco Day whose theme focused on pictorial warning labels. The report concludes from longitudinal studies of text and pictorial warnings across many ITC countries that large pictorial warnings are more effective than text-only warnings. The findings provide compelling evidence of the effectiveness of pictorial warnings and support the case for strong implementation of the FCTC Article 11 Guidelines which recommend pictorial warnings on at least 50% of the package.
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