The purpose of the ITC project in Uruguay is to monitor the reactions and support for tobacco control policies in an important middle-income South American country that possesses strong tobacco control policies, such as graphic warning labels and smoke-free laws. Uruguay signed the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control on June 19, 2003, and later ratified the treaty on September 9, 2004.

Country Profile:

Capital City Montevideo
Population (2007 estimate) 3,460,607
Life expectancy at birth (2002 estimate) Men: 71 years, Women: 79 years
Healthy life expectancy (2002 estimate) Men: 63 years, Women: 69.4 years
Ethnic groups White 88%, Mestizo 8%, Black 4%
GDP per capita (2004) $9,630
Median age 32.9 years
Literacy 98%

Smoking Prevalence and Associated Costs:

  • Tobacco is mainly consumed in the form of cigarettes.
  • The overall prevalence decreased from 1990 to 1998, from 35.8%, but then increased again between 1998 and 2003. The proportion of male adult smokers in 1990 and 2003 was 40.9% and 45% respectively. The proportion of female adult smokers was 26.6% and 24.3% for the same years.
  • Lung cancer has increased in men, but stayed constant in women between 1960 and 1990.

Smoking Policies:

  • Health warnings are mandatory on all cigarette packages.
  • The minimum age of purchase is 18.
  • In March 2005, tobacco advertisements, promotion and sponsorship at sports and public events were banned.
  • In February 2006, smoking was outlawed in all indoor public environments.

ITC Researchers:

Jim F. Thrasher (Principal Investigator)
Marcello Boado

Uruguay policy table

Uruguay Contact Information

Mary McNally, Project Manager. Email: m2mcnall@uwaterloo.ca

Marcelo Boado, Co-Investigator. Email: mrbmsoc2110@yahoo.com

ITC Affiliated Institutions:

Sources: World Health Organization, World Health Survey 2003, Shafey et al 2003 (http://www.who.int/tobacco/global_data/country_profiles/en/index.html)


ITC-Uruguay Wave 1 Technical Report

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