The ITC Scotland Project launched its first wave in 2004 (along with ITC Ireland) and completed its final wave of surveys in 2007.

Country Profile:

Capital City Edinburgh
Population (2006 estimate) 5,116,900
Life expectancy (2006 estimate) Males: 74.8 years, Females: 79.7 years
Healthy life expectancy (2006 estimate) Males: 64.6 years, Females: 67.2 years
Ethnic groups White Scottish 88.09%, toher white British 7.38%, Indian 0.3%, Pakistani 0.63%, Bangladeshi 0.04%, Chinese 0.32%, other South Asian 0.12%, Caribbean 0.04%, African 0.1%, Black Scottish/any other Black background 0.02%, Any mixed background 0.25%, Any other background 0.19%
GDP per capita (2001) $23,632
Median age (2004) 39.8 years
Literacy 99%

Smoking Prevalence and Related Costs:

  • 25% of the Scottish populations smokes
  • smoking is most common among 25 to 34-year-old men (34%) and this is also the age group where there is the largest differences between men and women.  Smoking increases among males between the ages of 16-24 and 25-34 but the same pattern is not seen in women
  • in 2004, 1403 men and 1504 women in Scotland died from chronic obstructive and lower respiratory diseases
  • in 2005, 2151 men and 1772 women in Scotland died from lung cancer
  • in 2005, just over a third of all accidental dwelling fire deaths in the UK were caused by smokers’ materials (i.e. cigarettes, cigars or pipe tobacco)

Smoking Policies:

  • taxation on tobacco is currently 63% of the retail price
  • direct advertising is banned on national (but not international) TV and radio and local magazines and newspapers
  • all healthcare facilities, educational facilities, governmental facilities, and indoor offices and workplaces are smoke-free
  • all pubs, bars and restaurants are also smoke-free
  • on October 1, 2008, the UK government will require pictorial warnings on cigarette packages (currently require text warnings that cover 30% of display area)

ITC Researchers:

Gerard Hastings (Principal Investigator for United Kingdom)
Fiona Harris
Louise Hassan
Anne-Marie MacKintosh
Ann McNeill

Scotland policy table

Ireland/Scotland Contact Information

Mary McNally,Project Manager. Email:

Sources: Registrar General’s Review of Scotland’s Population, Scottish Publish Health Observatory website, Scottish Government website, Tobacco Information Scotland website, WHO MPower Report 2008

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