Prof. Ron Borland

Professor Ron BorlandRon Borland PhD is the Nigel Gray Distinguished Fellow in Cancer Prevention, Cancer Council Victoria; a Professorial Fellow in the School of Population Health and Department of Information Systems, The University of Melbourne; and an honorary Senior Lecturer in the Department of Social and Preventive Medicine at Monash University.

He joined the then Anti-Cancer Council of Victoria as a Behavioural Scientist in 1986, and has been here ever since in various roles including Deputy Director of the CBRC, and inaugural Director of the VicHealth Cente for Tobacco Control, before he took up his current position in 2004.

He has published over 160 papers in peer-reviewed journals, mostly related to aspects of tobacco control, but also on skin cancer prevention and other cancer prevention issues.

Professor Borland is one of the Principal Investigators of the International Tobacco Control Policy Evaluation Project. His work is designed to understand the impact on smokers of tobacco control policies, help design better systems for regulating tobacco, understanding what is needed for optimum community-wide tobacco control, and identify barriers to stronger governmental tobacco control initiatives.

His current major interests are in the development of a rational comprehensive regulatory framework for tobacco, the ITC collaboration, and on the development and Improvement of mass-disseminable smoking cessation interventions, particularly Quitlines and internet-deliverable services.

Ron developed the Quit Coach, a computer program that provides interactive personalised advice to smokers. He’s also PI of our EQuit study which is exploring the value of adding telepone messaging to the Quit Coach.

Ron has made plenary presentations at national and international conferences on tobacco control, including at the 11th World Conference on Tobacco or Health, Beijing, August 1997, the 14th WCTOH in Washington, July 2006; and the 13th SRNT Annual Meeting, February 2007 in Austin Texas.

Ron is an active contributor to the broader field through the Australian Cancer Society, professional societies in the area, government and semi-government committees, and through editorial advisory roles on 5 peer-reviewed journals that are all major dissemination sources for tobacco control. He has honorary academic appointments at The University of Melbourne (Professorial Fellow in the School of Population Health and Department of information Systems); and at Monash University. He has co-supervised research students from these and other universities.

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