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Support Tobacco Control for Global Health

Tobacco is the one common cause of illnesses such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, chronic respiratory disease and diabetes. These non-communicable diseases (NCDs) claim the lives of 35 million people around the world each year.
In September, the United Nations (UN) will host the first ever Global Summit on Non-Communicable Diseases. Tell our US representative to the United Nations, the Honorable Susan Rice, that you support tobacco control for global health.
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The UN General Assembly, the principal decision-making body of the UN, will hold a High-Level Summit on Non-Communicable Diseases to bring global attention to these diseases and agree on a plan of action to address them. This is an opportunity to place tobacco control on the global agenda, secure commitments from government leaders, increase funding for non-communicable diseases and save millions from premature death.
During the UN Summit, health advocates will urge world leaders to make tobacco control a global health priority with the adoption of an Outcomes Document that includes commitments to effective implementation of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. For more information, download the NCD Alliance/FCA briefing paper.

Help us shine a global spotlight on these preventable diseases and deaths caused by such factors as secondhand smoke and tobacco use.
Let our UN representative know that you join with thousands around the world in support of tobacco control with the adoption a UN Outcomes Document.
Send an Email to your UN ambassador at 15,000aday
There has never been a more critical time. Add your voice to the global movement to make tobacco control a priority and
reduce devastating the impact of non-communicable diseases.

Please send your email and share this information.
K. Michael Cummings, PhD
International Tobacco Control Policy Research Collaborative

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