Hua Yong

Hua Yong PhD
Behavioural Scientist
Hua has a background In psychology and works on a number of international collaborative research projects primarily the International Tobacco Control 4-Country Survey (ITC-4) and the International Tobacco Control Southeast Asia Survey (ITC-SEA).
The ITC-4 Is a longitudinal study conducted on nationally representative sample of over 9,000 respondents from four countries: Canada, US, UK and Australia followed up annually. The ITC-4 commenced In October 2002 and aimed to evaluate the psychosocial and behavioural effects of national and subnational tobacco control policies on adult smokers in these four countries.
The ITC-SEA Is a parallel study which began In early 2005 and was conducted In two developing countries: Malaysia and Thailand. Hua’s research interests Include psychosocial predictors of smoking and quitting behaviour, culture and smoking, and smoking among older people.

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