Dr Crawford Moodie

Senior Research Fellow

Telephone:+ 44 (0) 1786 466456
Fax:+ 44 (0) 1786 467329

Research Interests

Crawford is a graduate of Glasgow Caledonian University where he completed his undergraduate degree in Psychology in 2003 and his PhD concerning gambling in 2007.  He joined the Institute in 2007 and specialises in problem gambling, with a particular interest in youth gambling.

His current research interests include: impact of commercial marketing of potentially addictive behaviours (tobacco, gambling, alcohol) on consumer behaviour and policy; and, using standardised (plain) tobacco packaging to reduce smoking prevalence.

He recently successfully secured his first grant from Cancer Research UK, entitled ‘Piloting the use of plain packs in a real life environment: Experiences of young adult smokers’ (Jan-Sept 2010).

Selected Publications

Gallopel-Morvan K, Moodie C, Hammond, D, Eker F, Beguinot E and Martinet Y (in press). Consumer understanding of cigarette emission labelling. European Journal of Public Health.

Brown A and Moodie C (in press). Adolescent perceptions of tobacco control measures in the UK. Health Promotion Practice.

Moodie C and Hastings GB (in press). Making the pack the hero, tobacco industry response to marketing restrictions in the UK: Findings from a long-term audit. International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction.

Gordon R, Harris F, Moodie C and MacKintosh AM (2011). Assessing the cumulative impact of alcohol marketing on young people’s drinking: Cross sectional data findings. Addiction Research and Theory19: 66-75.

Moodie C, MacKintosh AM and West R (2010). Adolescents’ awareness of, and involvement with, illicit tobacco in the United Kingdom. Tobacco Control19: 521-522.

Brown A, Moodie C, Hastings G, MacKintosh AM, Hassan L and Thrasher J (2010). The association of normative perceptions with adolescent smoking intentions. Journal of Adolescence33: 603-614.

Gordon R, MacKintosh AM and Moodie C (2010). The impact of alcohol marketing on youth drinking behaviour: A two-stage cohort study. Alcohol & Alcoholism45: 470-480.

Moodie C, MacKintosh AM and Hammond D (2010). Adolescents’ response to text-only tobacco health warnings: Results from the 2008 UK Youth Tobacco Policy Survey. European Journal of Public Health20: 463-469.

Gordon R, Moodie C, Eadie D and Hastings GB (2010). Critical social marketing – The impact of alcohol marketing on youth drinking: Qualitative findings. International Journal of Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Marketing15: 265-275.

Gordon R, Hastings GB and Moodie C (2010). Alcohol marketing and young people’s drinking: What the evidence base suggests for policy. Journal of Public Affairs10: 88-101.

Moodie C and Hastings GB (2010). Tobacco packaging as promotion. Tobacco Control19: 168-170.

Moodie C and Hastings GB (2010). Plain packaging: A time for action. European Journal of Public Health20: 10-11.

Brown A, Moodie C and Hastings GB (2009). A longitudinal study of policy effect (smoke-free legislation) on smoking norms: ITC Scotland/UK. Nicotine & Tobacco Research11: 924-932.

Gordon R and Moodie C (2009). Dead cert or long shot: The utility of social marketing in tackling problem gambling in the UK. International Journal of Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Marketing14: 243-253.

Moodie C and Reith G (2009). Responsible gambling signage on electronic gaming machines, before and after the implementation of the United Kingdom (UK) Gambling Act: An observational study.International Gambling Studies9: 5-17.

Moodie C and Hastings GB (2009). Social marketing and gambling: A critical perspective. Addiction104: 692-693.

Brown A and Moodie C (2009). Tobacco marketing influences on smoking intentions via normative beliefs. Health Education Research24: 721-733.

Moodie C and Hastings GB (2008). Gambling with the future of young people. Addiction Research and Theory16: 107-110.

Moodie C (2008). Student gambling, erroneous cognitions and awareness of treatment in Scotland. Journal of Gambling Issues21. Available: http://www.camh.net/egambling/issue21/03moodie.htm

Blaszczynski A, Ladouceur R and Moodie C (2008). The Sydney and Laval Universities Gambling Screen (SLUGS): Preliminary data. Addiction Research and Theory16: 401-411.

Moodie C, MacKintosh AM, Brown A and Hastings GB (2008). The effect of tobacco marketing awareness on youth smoking susceptibility and perceived prevalence, before and after the introduction of a tobacco advertising ban. European Journal of Public Health18: 484-490.

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