David Young

David Young is the inaugural Sally Birch Fellow in Cancer Control, awarded by the Cancer Council Australia. He’s currently working with the Knowledge Building Team at Cancer Council Victoria. Before this David was a consultant, and has submitted a PhD thesis – ‘Innovation in Sociotechnical Systems’ – based on his consulting experience. The main focus of David’s work with us has been on how to optimise the translation of scientific research into practice in cancer control, using the relationship between Knowledge Building and Quit, the thrust to Smoke-free places, and the growing debate over product regulation and ‘safer’ forms of nicotine as case studies.

David has also been working on data from the International Tobacco Control Policy Evaluation Survey (ITCPES) since 2004. In particular, he has prepared a report for the Australian Government on the relationship between the Australian results and those of the US, Canada and the UK; and peer-reviewed papers on Australian smokers’ attitudes to increased regulation of the tobacco industry and market; the prevalence of correlates of Roll-Your-Own (RYO) use in Australia, Canada, the US and the UK, and the prevalence and correlates of RYO use in Thailand and Malaysia. He has presented papers on these topics at national and international conferences, including the Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco in Prague, The Australian National Tobacco Control Conference in Sydney and the World Conference on Tobacco or Health in Washington.

David is also an Honorary Research Fellow at Monash University, as well as a member of the Complex Processes Research Group at Swinburne University and the Actor-Network Theory Group at Melbourne University.


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