With a ban on deceptive Labels like “low tar” and “light”,
cigarette companies resort to deceptive colored labels
WIVB Channel 4 Buffalo Report

The impact of cigarette pack design, descriptors, and warning labels on risk perception in the U.S.

Salem Pack Evolves - New pack designs

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Dr. Maansi Bansal-Travers from the Roswell Park Cancer Institute, along with colleagues from the University of Waterloo and the State University of New York at Buffalo, recently completed a study that examined the impact of cigarette pack design, product descriptors, and health warnings on risk perception and brand appeal in the U.S. The findings support evidence that larger, graphic health warnings that convey loss-framed messages would be the most effective in communicating health risks to U.S. adults. The results also indicate that color and product descriptors used in cigarette package design are associated with false beliefs about risks.
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