Three waves of ITC Bangladesh Survey are funded by International Development Research Centre (IDRC). The first wave of data collection finished May 2009.

Country Profile:

Capital City                                                             Dhaka
Population (2008 Estimate)                               155,991,000
Life Expectancy (2008 Estimate)                       Men: 63.14 Years, Women 63.28 Years
Healthy Life Expectancy (2008 Estimate)        Men: 55 Years, Women: 53 Years
Ethnic Groups                                                       Bengali 98%, Other 2%
GDP Per Capita PPP (2007)                              $1,300
Median Age                                                            22.8 Years
Literacy                                                                   43.1%

Smoking Prevalence and Related Costs (2006):

• 41.0% of men and 1.8% of women were current tobacco smokers
• 14.8% of male and 24.4% of female adults (15+ years) use smokeless tobacco daily
• More than 57 thousand people die due to tobacco use annually
• Annual revenue collected from tobacco products is 33.7% takas, whereas the annual cost of tobacco-related illnesses attributable to tobacco usage is estimated at 50.9 billion takas including 5.8 billion takas for second hand smoking

Smoking Policies:

• Bangladesh is a party to the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC)
• Bangladesh has comprehensive tobacco control legislation
• Bangladesh ratified the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control on June 14, 2004
• In March 2005, the country passed the Smoking and Tobacco Product Usage (Control) Act 2005, which restricted smoking in public places, including hospitals, schools, government buildings, airports, and cinemas

Bangladesh policy table

Bangladesh Wave 1 Technical Report

Bangladesh Contact Information

Adnan Wahid, Project Manager. Email:

S.M. Ashiquzzaman, Project Leader. Email:


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